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Monday, June 21, 2004

Problems previously experienced with this Blog

Since 18 June 2004 this blog could not be used. The problem has now been resolved.

21 June 2004 11:50
BlogSpot up.
Viewing the Browser/Source, it was clear that the page was truncated. I logged in as admin and viewed the template. It was indeed truncated, either by one of us, or by the hosting service. I selected a new template (with Kim's help in choosing an inspiring one) and vala, its ok now., except that some customisation has to be done again as it was incorporated in the template.

Entries since 18 June and 21 June can be read at http://ict-intra.icomtek.csir.co.za/cgi-bin/kwiki/kwiki.cgi?MeshNetworks

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