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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The revolution has begun

Here is a list of all the people registered on www.nodedb.com in Johburg and Pretoria with wifi access points. Disorganised collection of people with all sorts of AP's - no one doing any meshing as yet. Question is - does the CSIR reveal their network to the general population - register on nodedb.com?? Security issues could prohibit and we have a different purpose - namely Removing the barriers to enable bottom-up creation of access infrastructure through use of wireless mesh netwirking - their purpose is similar to CB radio - just make a community network. It might be good though to involve a few of these nodes in Pta if the can help on linux/linksys coding side - we could isolate them from the csir network.

List of all active Pretoria nodes

List of all active Johannesburg nodes

Also thanks Albert for pointing our JAWUG (Johannesburg Area Wireless User Group)

The vision of JaWug is to create the largest Community run Wireless Network in the Johannesburg area.

JaWug is a not-for-profit effort to develop a wireless broadband community network in Johannesburg - a free, locally owned wireless backbone.

To get aroung any legal attacks they put a discalimer on their site: Please Note: We do NOT sell Internet connectivity!

There is also a lot of actiuvity and interest in Pretoria - apparently a network called FreeNet - can't find a URL - found this long discussion on the south african myadsl forum

Discussion about sharing ADSL through WiFi in Pta


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