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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

IPsec and VPN's

There are several ways to isolate users/groups in a network. One of the neatest ways however is by setting up VPN's (virtual private networks). This is where IPsec comes in.IPsec is a protocol which sits on top of the Internet Protocol (IP) layer. It allows two or more hosts to communicate in a secure manner (hence the name).

There are several online guides to setting up IPsec VPN's:

Creating a VPN between two networks, separated by the Internet, using FreeBSD gateways.

Linux IPsec HOWTO
IPsec tools

Setting up a windows XP client
IPsec and you

Mixing Different Clients and Servers (Windows/Linux):
Jacco's networking stuff
OpenSwan setup for Linux server and Linux/Windows clients
FreeSwan setup for Linux server and Linux/Windows clients

Example System:
IPSec Secure Tunnel at Mathnet

Friday, March 18, 2005


It seems that Mobilemesh is dying a slow painful death and its time to look for something else. OLSR seems to be a suitable replacement and it has been compiled for WRT54G! See: http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/OpenWrt and http://www.olsr.org/index.cgi?action=download

Interesting Blog on Mesh

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