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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

linksys: adding files to the code.bin firmware

Community I developed a script to add custom files into the Linksys filesystem. This was needed, for example, to add ripd.conf and zebra.conf to /usr/local/etc for the zebra routing daemon.

This is how it works ($LINKSYS_SRC is the directory of your linksys source code eg. /home/djohnson/downloads/linksys/sveasoft/Alchemy-2.3.4/)

1. Copy the script (
makeimage.sh) to $LINKSYS_SRC/src/router
2. Copy files that you need to the $LINKSYS_SRC/src/router/mipsel-uclibc/target directory (you can make directories and add/delete files in here)
3. Execute the makeimage.sh script from the $LINKSYS_SRC/src/router directory
4. A new code.bin will be built which can be uploaded to the linksys box

The makeimage.sh script looks as follows:

#$include .config
#iLINUIXDIR=(shell pwd)
#export LINUXDIR
#export INSTALLDIR := $(PLATFORMDIR)/install
#export TARGETDIR := $(PLATFORMDIR)/target

../linux/linux/scripts/squashfs/mksquashfs mipsel-uclibc/target mipsel-uclibc/target.squashfs -noappend
cp ../linux/linux/arch/mips/brcm-boards/bcm947xx/compressed/vmlinuz mipsel-uclibc
../../tools/trx -o mipsel-uclibc/linux.trx mipsel-uclibc/vmlinuz mipsel-uclibc/target.squashfs

cp ../linux/linux/arch/mips/brcm-boards/bcm947xx/compressed/zImage mipsel-uclibc
dd conv=sync bs=64k < mipsel-uclibc/zImage > mipsel-uclibc/linux.bin
cat mipsel-uclibc/target.squashfs >> mipsel-uclibc/linux.bin

cp mipsel-uclibc/linux.trx ../../image/linux.trx
cp ../../image/linux.trx ../../image/code.bin


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