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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Getting an OpenWRT Freifunk mesh stable

After a lot of tweaking OLSR running on Linksys has had no "ping down" messages for about 5 days now. Some of the tips to getting OLSR on OpenWRT stable.

1. Lock all the nodes to 802.11B don't let it auto sense
2. If there are any v2.2 hardware devices, change the clock speed to 216MHz with the following commands1

# nvram set clkfreq=216
# nvram commit
# reboot

3. Lock the RX and TX antenna to the one you connected your external antenna too, don't use AUTO. TAKE NOTE!!! On Version 2.0 hardware Antenna A is on the left looking from the front of the linksys and and on Version 2.,2 hardware Antenna A is on the right looking from the fron of the linksys. This caught me out a few times.


IP Everywhere Inc said...


Just got the start of an OLSR Mesh up and running with this config:



WLAN Protocol: Static
IP Address:
WLAN Mode: Ad Hoc (Peer to Peer)
ESSID: German Village
TX Power: 251
Channel: 1
Radio Mode: B&G Only
Transmission Rate: auto

LAN Protocol: Static
Disable Firewall: Checked
NAT: Enable
No of Leases: 4
DHCP start IP: 10

WAN Protocol: DHCP
Hostname: German_Village_1

Note the TX power set to 251 which blasts the signal out.

I have two other nodes up and they are all talking pefectly.

If anyone out there is configuring and the LAN side is not pinging out. Looks like the IF is flapping. Just do either a shut/no shut of the interface (bring it down then up from your SSH session) or release/renew your adapter and it should work okay. If you test at the same time with the WLAN that is usually more stable so you have a baseline for connectivity to the outside. Have patience, the LAN will come up after some cajoling.

Email me at wifiguru@ip-everywhere.com if you get stuck.

Good luck,


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